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HorrorHound Weekend Indy 2014

HorrorHound Radio and Night of the Living Podcast present our joint coverage of HorrorHound Weekend Indianapolis 2014! Movies, celebrities, musicians and more. Enjoy!


00:00:08 Intro

00:05:25 Review - Short: “I Owe You”

00:11:51 Review - Feature Hanover House

00:20:17 Review - Short: “From the Darkness Theatre”

00:23:27 Review - Feature Son of Ghostman

00:30:45 Guest - Jon Kitley, Kitley’s Krypt

00:50:43 Guest - Todd Wieneke, Dark Sky Films

01:19:31 Review - Feature: Cold in July

01:29:00 Review - Short: “Greetings Equinox”

01:40:48 Guest - William Butler, director Madhouse, Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver

01:43:03 Guest - John Jarratt, actor Wold Creek 2, Django Unchained

01:50:31 Guest - Mads Mikkelsen, actor “Hannibal,” Casino Royale

01:58:31 Outro



Be sure to keep your ears open for the upcoming HorrorHound Records special podcast that we recorded at the weekend too!

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HorrorHound Weekend Coverage (joint with NOTLP.com)

Our semi-annual HorrorHound Weekend coverage is here! The following was recorded March 21-23, 2014 at the Sharonville Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is our first NOTLP/HorrorHound Radio simulcast and it’s a doozy of an episode, so here’s a table of contents to guide you (the times listed are approximate).


00:00:08 – Freddy and Aaron disclaimer and intro.

00:03:10 – Amy and Andy Friday night intro.

00:06:44 - Amy reviews a couple of short films from the film festival: “Dark Magic” and “Counterparts”

00:14:00 - Kelley gets HorrorHound pregnant.

00:16:50 - Freddy and Mike (not Chiseck) review the feature film HI-8.

00:21:20 –Friday night re-cap with Amy and Freddy. Local news and shoe loss. Amy reviews Brian Williams’ exploitation short “Play Me.” 

00:28:30 - Freddy interviews Dan Murphy from HM+M Films (director of Night of the Dolls).

00:33:20 - Andy and Emily (The Deadly Doll’s House House of Horror Nonsense BlogThe Feminine Critique Podcast) discuss the You’re Next panel.

00:51:30 – Aaron interviews Vanessa Nocera of the death metal/thrash label Razor Back Records.

00:59:30 – Amy interviews Chris Smith (director of the upcoming The Woods Within).

01:05:00 – Aaron interviews Louis Justin of Massacre Video.

01:21:00 – Aaron interviews Jeff Beyers of Creature Replica.

01:30:00 – Amy interviews Eric Sterwerf (director of “Dark Magic”) about his film and the 48 Hour Film Festival.

01:34:00 – Aaron interviews Jimmy Calabrese of the band Calabrese.

01:43:00 – J.C. and Freddy discuss the Composing Horror Panel. The name of the label that Freddy couldn’t remember is Death Waltz Records.

01:53:23 – Amy and Kelley bullshit about “parent taint” and The Doors. For the record the cause of Jim Morrison’s death is still being debated officially he died of heart failure brought on by a drug overdose.

01:59:00 – Freddy and John Pata (director of Dead Weight and “Pity,” contributor to Hidden Horror: A Celebration of 101 Underrated and Overlooked Fright Flicks). The name of the Anthony Michael Hall movie that Freddy brings up is A Gnome Named Gnorm. Kate’s article mentioned in this segment is “The X-Files for Dummies (and Smarties).”

02:11:00 – Andy reviews the short “In Fear Of: Scotomaphobia.”

02:17:00 – Freddy catches up with actor Marv Blauvelt. Marv moved to L.A. last year and he dishes the dirt on what it’s like to be a working actor in industry genre films. Be sure to check him out in the upcoming SyFy movie Jurassic City and the supernatural thriller Within These Walls.

02:28:00 – Freddy and Matt Hoffman (“Big Brother” Season 12 contestant, friend of the show) discuss late night “Walking Dead” cast shenanigans. #Holders #Slappers #FanOfTheCrazy

02:34:00 – Mike (not Chiseck) and Fozzie discuss the Tucker & Dale panel.

02:42:00 – Andy reviews the feature documentary Doc of the Dead: “the definitive zombie culture documentary.”

02:51:00 – Andy and Freddy discuss the Evil Dead panel. Full audio of the panel is available here: EVIL DEAD PANEL.

02:55:00 – Freddy interviews Aaron Christensen AKA Dr. AC (editor of Hidden Horror: A Celebration of 101 Underrated and Overlooked Fright Flicks.

03:11:00 – Freddy and Alexander Hamilton (ringmaster, emcee and entertainer) re-cap the somewhat controversial Horrors of Cosplay Costume Contest and other late night happenings.


03:20:00 – Wrap up.

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Issue 25

HorrorHound Issue #25 Sept/Oct 2010. Our 25th Issue!  Issue includes:

  • The Walking Dead (with Interviews).
  • Stephen King retrospective
  • Resident Evil Afterlife
  • Hands-On Comic-Con 2010 material
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Issue 22

Issue 22 of HorrorHound Magazine is discussed by editor Nathan Hanneman, writer Aaron Crowell, and Freddy Morris from Night of the Living Podcast. Writer Matt Moore is also inteviewed about the latest Video Invasion piece on MEDIA Home Entertainment, Inc.

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Issue 21

In this podcast we discuss HorrorHound #20 and HorrorHound #21.

HorrorHound #20 features a guide to the greatest horror films of the
past ten years - featuring a knock-out cover by Nate Milliner
showcasing some of this past decade's most memorable new horror icons. Featured inside is a guide to these films, along with regular feature
articles: GoreHound (The Greatest Gore Moments Outside of Horror),
Video Invasion (Continental Video), Horror's Hallowed Grounds (A
Clockwork Orange), our Retrospective series (this time focusing on the
Lucio Fulci classic, Zombie) - as well as new article guides to Horror
Reference Books, and a look back at the true "Year of the Vampire" -
1979, when Kinski's Nosferatu, Love at First Bite and Langella's
Dracula penetrated movie screens (and Stephen King's Salem's Lot
infested television). Plus: Movie, DVD, Toy and Comic Book News - and more - all in HorrorHound #20!

HorrorHound #21 featuring extensive Wolfman coverage; interviews with Joe Johnston, Rick Baker, Anthony Hopkins and Benicio Del Toro! Plus: An amazing new retrospective on the original Universal classic: The Wolf Man. A tribute to the films and art of Paul Naschy. Jack Ketchum: The Scariest Man in America. A trip to Dr. Lady's Horror Hotel. HorrorHound Hall of Fame: Curse of the Werewolf. A History of Horror Hosts (Horror Host High).

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Issue 18

In this issue:

Trick r Treat finally has a release date.

H2 and The Final Destination.

Guest list announcements for HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati!

New Segment: "Ask HorrorHound"

A discussion of horror anthologies.


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Issue 17

HorrorHound #17 is in-stock and shipping! Our biggest issue yet
features a new print stock/gloss and additional pages! The cover story
features a joint-collaboration of Don Coscarelli's
Phantasm and the
Drive-In movie theatre! Nine pages of this issue is dedicated to the
30th anniversary of Phantasm and the Tall Man's killer spheres! We
take a look back at the history of this film franchise, including a
movie-by-movie breakdown, behind-the-scenes information and (of
course) TONS of movie memorabilia! From movie posters and lobby cards
to rare print ads and licensed merchandise, we have packed this issue
with more Phantasm goodies than you can shake a casket at! On top of
this, Sean Clark takes us to the Morningside Cemetery (literally) with
a four-page installment of Horror's Hallowed Grounds!

News: We have a special four-page article on Sam Raimi's return to
horror -
Drag Me to Hell! Included are exclusive interviews with stars
Alison Lohman, Justin Long AND, the legend himself, Sam Raimi! On top
of this we have an interview with Terminator: Salvation producer
Jeanne Allgood, and Cinematic Titanic stars Joel Hodgeson and J. Elvis
Weinstein (as well as a special 10 Random Questions). Toy News
(including reveals from Amok Time, NECA, Mezco and Mattel) are also
included, as well as comic book news (such as the upcoming sequel to
Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash from Wildstorm Comics), and the new Dexter
video game (Rabid Gamer).

Also this issue: We take a continued look at '70s horror, with special
articles on Brian De Palma's Carrie and a piece affectionately titled:
Remembering the Drive-In. Jimmy Dale Sizemore takes a candid look back
at this dying form of cinematic entertainment, as well as providing a
comprehensive list of still-functioning Drive-Ins across the United
States. We urge all HorrorHounds to check out this article, find your
local theatre and pull in for a double (or triple) feature, safe
within the confines of your own automobile....

A special four-page guide to horror pinball machines, a Tech Specs on
movie restoration, book news, a GoreHound feature on the Blood Island
trilogy, new installments of Kitley's Krypt and Video Invasion
(featuring Magnum Home Entertainment), and HorrorHound Weekend
coverage is ALL INCLUDED... Plus a lot more! Order your copy today for
just $6.99 or subscribe!

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Issue 16 HorrorHound Issue #16 Mar/Apr 2009.  Featuring Resident Evil Retrospective, Video Invasion: Midnight Video, ToyFair news, Horrors Hallowed Grounds (Dawn of the Dead) and more...
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