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On the episode of HorrorHound Radio Aaron makes his mighty return, and reveals his favorite horror film of 2018! Also on this episode the crew of Aaron, Nathan, Jason and Freddy discuss Christmas horror films! To in to hear some hidden holiday horror gems, starting in the 1940s all the way up till today! And don't miss an exclusive HorrorHound Weekend guest announcement! This is one you don't want to miss!

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It's that time of year again, time for HorrorHound Radio's year-end look back of horror! Tune in to hear Nathan, Jason and Freddy's favorite horror films, and TV, of 2018! Did your favorite of the year not make the list? Write us at radio@horrorhound.com and let us know! 

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On this episode of HorrorHound Radio Freddy, Aaron, Jason and Nathan discuss a topic that is sure to start some debates, which horror franchises should "get the Halloween" treatment?  As in, what would be the best horror movie to make a direct sequel to the original - completely ignoring all previous sequel content? You may be shocked by some of the answers! 

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On this episode of HorrorHound Radio Aaron, Freddy and Jason dissect the latest entry in the Halloween franchise! Tune in to hear what the crew loved, and didn't love, about Blumhouse's Halloween! Also in this, a tribute to the late, great James Karen and hear the crew's "recently watched"! 

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On this episode of HorrorHound Radio Aaron, Jason and Freddy discuss yet another listener topic, children in horror! The crew discuss what movies they think would be good introductions for children interested in horror, and which films they think would be appropriate. Also in this episode, the crew take a trip down memory lane, and talk about what horror films they watched as kids that first made them certified HorrorHounds!  

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On this episode of HorrorHound Radio, the crew take a listener's request, and discuss which horror franchise's they think should have ended, and when they should have. It's a topic that is bound to start huge debates, and great conversations! 

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On this episode of HorrorHound Radio Aaron, Jason and Freddy discuss issue 72 of HorrorHound (on stands now!), and revisit the classic topic of "Animals attack" movies! Tune in to hear the crew's list of films that will make you watch the skies, be cautious where you step and avoid the murky waters! 

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On this episode of HorrorHound Radio Jason, Aaron, Nathan and Freddy take a short trip down memory lane to revisit one of the most important movements in the horror genre, the formation of "The Splat Pack"! Tune in to hear the crew discuss all the founding members of this genre changing revolution, and where they are now! This plus updates on the upcoming HorrorHound Weekend: Indianapolis, taking place August 24th-26th! 

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After a long break, HorrorHound Radio is back once again! Continuing our series of "The Living Dead Around the World", the crew of Jason, Aaron and Freddy explore the most popular, and gory, region of zombie films, Italy! And what would a return be without an exclusive HorrorHound Weekend guest announcement!? This is one you don't want to miss! 

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Part 1 of our brand series of Zombie Films from Around the World! In the first part of this series, Aaron, Freddy and Jason briefly discuss the zombie films from 1930-1969, then dissect the zombie genre after George Romero unleashed Night of the Living Dead upon the world! Also in this episode are zombie films from Canada and Mexico! 

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On this episode of HorrorHound Radio Aaron, Freddy and Jason discuss which horror films they are most looking forwarded to in 2018, along with a long discussion on Jamie Lee Curtis' return to the Halloween franchise in 2018! 

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On this episode of HorrorHound Radio Aaron, Freddy, Jason and Nathan look back on one of the biggest years in the history of horror, 2017! Tune in to hear the highs and lows, along with the crew's Top 10 films of last year! 

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