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Issue 25

HorrorHound Issue #25 Sept/Oct 2010. Our 25th Issue!  Issue includes:

  • The Walking Dead (with Interviews).
  • Stephen King retrospective
  • Resident Evil Afterlife
  • Hands-On Comic-Con 2010 material
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Issue 22

Issue 22 of HorrorHound Magazine is discussed by editor Nathan Hanneman, writer Aaron Crowell, and Freddy Morris from Night of the Living Podcast. Writer Matt Moore is also inteviewed about the latest Video Invasion piece on MEDIA Home Entertainment, Inc.

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Issue 21

In this podcast we discuss HorrorHound #20 and HorrorHound #21.

HorrorHound #20 features a guide to the greatest horror films of the
past ten years - featuring a knock-out cover by Nate Milliner
showcasing some of this past decade's most memorable new horror icons. Featured inside is a guide to these films, along with regular feature
articles: GoreHound (The Greatest Gore Moments Outside of Horror),
Video Invasion (Continental Video), Horror's Hallowed Grounds (A
Clockwork Orange), our Retrospective series (this time focusing on the
Lucio Fulci classic, Zombie) - as well as new article guides to Horror
Reference Books, and a look back at the true "Year of the Vampire" -
1979, when Kinski's Nosferatu, Love at First Bite and Langella's
Dracula penetrated movie screens (and Stephen King's Salem's Lot
infested television). Plus: Movie, DVD, Toy and Comic Book News - and more - all in HorrorHound #20!

HorrorHound #21 featuring extensive Wolfman coverage; interviews with Joe Johnston, Rick Baker, Anthony Hopkins and Benicio Del Toro! Plus: An amazing new retrospective on the original Universal classic: The Wolf Man. A tribute to the films and art of Paul Naschy. Jack Ketchum: The Scariest Man in America. A trip to Dr. Lady's Horror Hotel. HorrorHound Hall of Fame: Curse of the Werewolf. A History of Horror Hosts (Horror Host High).

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