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On this episode of HorrorHound Radio Aaron, Freddy, Jason and Nathan take a trip down memory lane, all the way back to the 1990's! The crew discusses the lost gems, and overlooked classics, from a decade that is often overlooked! Also in this episode is an exclusive HorrorHound Weekend guest announcement for the upcoming convention this September 8th-10th! Be sure to write us at radio@horrorhound.com 

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Horrorhound Radio's series of Shock continues! This episode covers the year of 1996! Also in this episode is an exclusive guest announcement for HorrorHound Weekend this September 8th-10th! Also in the episode is an exclusive give away that you can enter by emailing radio@horrorhound.com! 

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On this episode of HorrorHound Radio the crew of Jason, Freddy and Aaron focus on the latest issue of HorrorHound magazine, issue 65, and discuss the topic of Mummy movies! Tune in to hear which one made the cut, and also in this episode, an exclusive new guest announcement for HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis!

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Back from it's extended break, Horrorhound Radio is back with a listener's favorite topic, shock and extreme! Yes, that's right, the shock episode returns covering 1994-1996! Tune in to hear fan favorite's Cemetery Man, Meet the Feebles, Natural Born Killers and find out some that you had no idea even existed! All this and a new give away! Not for the faint of heart!

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On this episode of Horrorhound Radio Freddy, Jason and Nathan discuss the upcoming Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati, which just so happens to be the 10 year anniversary of the convention! Topics range from Monster Squad, the Saw franchise and just about everything else under the sun. But that's not all, also on this episode is the BIGGEST give away we have ever done! Tune in to find out how you can win passes to Horrorhound Weekend, along with a chance to win V.I.P passes to the next 3 Horrorhound Weekends!

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Horrorhound Radio episode 68

On this episode of Horrorhound Radio Freddy Morris, Jason Kretten and Aaron Crowell sit down and discuss the long awaited topic of vampire movies! Half historical, half personal favorites, tune in to hear what makes the cut! Did we miss one of your favorites? Write us at radio@horrorhound.com and let us know what we missed!

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Horrorhound Radio episode 67

2017 is here, and that can only mean one thing, Horrorhound Radio's Best of 2016 list! Tune in to hear Freddy, Aaron, Jason and Nathan's Top 10 horror films of 2016! Did your favorite movie of 2016 not make the list? Write us at radio@horrorhound.com to let us know!

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Horrorhound Radio Episode 66

On this episode of Horrorhound Radio Freddy, Aaron and Jason take a break from the usual horror talk and switch to another well loved genre, science fiction! In a discussion inspired by issue #62 of Horrorhound Magazine, which features a Mars Attacks! retrospective, the crew decided to do a brief history on the best alien invasion films of all time! Tune in to see what films made the list! Also in this episode is a little Christmas present to all Horrorhound fans in the form of an exclusive guest announcement for Horrorhound Weekend Cincinnati!

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Horrorhound Radio Episode 65

Yes, Summer is long over but the Horrorhound Radio crew is still continuing their journey through the most shocking movies of all time! This episode covers 1991-1993, with such classics as Man Bites Dog, Dead Alive and Riki-oh! We must warn though, this episode is not for the faint of heart!

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Horrorhound Radio 64

On this episode of Horrorhound Radio Freddy, Aaron, Jason and Nathan discuss multiple topics of horror! The new An American Werewolf in London remake by Max Landis, our thoughts on Dr. Strange and the new season of Walking Dead, we also discuss issue 61 of Horrorhound magazine which covered comic con and Elvira Mistress of the Dark! We also pay our respects to the ate horror legends Zacherly and H.G. Lewis. All this plus exclusive guest announcements for Horrorhound Weekend Cincinnati March 17th-19th! Be sure to write us at radio@horrorhound.com!

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