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On this episode of HorrorHound Radio Freddy, Aaron and Jason answer a listener request, hidden horror gems of the past 5 years! Tune in to hear some movies that you may have overlooked in the past few years! Did we miss any that you think should have been included? Write us at radio@horrorhound.com! 

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On this episode of HorrorHound Radio the crew of Freddy, Aaron, Jason and Nathan, discuss the newest horror movie that everyone is talking about, Stephan King's It! Also in this episode, all new information about the next HorrorHound Weekend convention taking place November 3-5, in Columbus, Ohio, and discussion on the newest issue of HorrorHound Magazine, issue 67! 

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On this episode of HorrorHound Radio Freddy, Aaron, Jason and Nathan pay tribute to the late, great, Tobe Hooper. Take a trip through Tobe Hooper's entire filmography, from Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Toolbox Murders. Also in this episode, details about HorrorHound Weekends upcoming event in Columbus, Ohio! 

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On this episode of HorrorHound Radio Freddy, Aaron and Jason pay respects to the godfather of zombie films, George A. Romero. Take a trip through Romero's entire filmography, from Night of the Living Dead to Survival of the Dead, and hear how his movies affected the HorrorHound Radio's life in horror films. 

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This episode of HorrorHound Radio the crew of Freddy, Jason and Aaron take you on a behind the scenes look at issue #66 of HorrorHound Magazine and it's main focus, cannibal films! The crew discuss what went into making the issue and also their own personal picks of the best entries in the cannibal sub-genre! This one is sure to have something to please everyone's palate! 

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On this episode of HorrorHound Radio Freddy, Aaron, Jason and Nathan discuss one of the most divisive topics in all of horror, sequels! The crew give their picks for their own personal favorite second and third chapters in a horror franchise, along with their choice of "sequel we'd most like to see that was never made!" Tune in to hear if your favorites made the cut! 

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On this episode of HorrorHound Radio Aaron, Freddy, Jason and Nathan take a trip down memory lane, all the way back to the 1990's! The crew discusses the lost gems, and overlooked classics, from a decade that is often overlooked! Also in this episode is an exclusive HorrorHound Weekend guest announcement for the upcoming convention this September 8th-10th! Be sure to write us at radio@horrorhound.com 

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Horrorhound Radio's series of Shock continues! This episode covers the year of 1996! Also in this episode is an exclusive guest announcement for HorrorHound Weekend this September 8th-10th! Also in the episode is an exclusive give away that you can enter by emailing radio@horrorhound.com! 

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On this episode of HorrorHound Radio the crew of Jason, Freddy and Aaron focus on the latest issue of HorrorHound magazine, issue 65, and discuss the topic of Mummy movies! Tune in to hear which one made the cut, and also in this episode, an exclusive new guest announcement for HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis!

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Back from it's extended break, Horrorhound Radio is back with a listener's favorite topic, shock and extreme! Yes, that's right, the shock episode returns covering 1994-1996! Tune in to hear fan favorite's Cemetery Man, Meet the Feebles, Natural Born Killers and find out some that you had no idea even existed! All this and a new give away! Not for the faint of heart!

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