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HorrorHound Radio

Issue 21

Jan 17, 2010

In this podcast we discuss HorrorHound #20 and HorrorHound #21.

HorrorHound #20 features a guide to the greatest horror films of the
past ten years - featuring a knock-out cover by Nate Milliner
showcasing some of this past decade's most memorable new horror icons. Featured inside is a guide to these films, along with regular feature
articles: GoreHound (The Greatest Gore Moments Outside of Horror),
Video Invasion (Continental Video), Horror's Hallowed Grounds (A
Clockwork Orange), our Retrospective series (this time focusing on the
Lucio Fulci classic, Zombie) - as well as new article guides to Horror
Reference Books, and a look back at the true "Year of the Vampire" -
1979, when Kinski's Nosferatu, Love at First Bite and Langella's
Dracula penetrated movie screens (and Stephen King's Salem's Lot
infested television). Plus: Movie, DVD, Toy and Comic Book News - and more - all in HorrorHound #20!

HorrorHound #21 featuring extensive Wolfman coverage; interviews with Joe Johnston, Rick Baker, Anthony Hopkins and Benicio Del Toro! Plus: An amazing new retrospective on the original Universal classic: The Wolf Man. A tribute to the films and art of Paul Naschy. Jack Ketchum: The Scariest Man in America. A trip to Dr. Lady's Horror Hotel. HorrorHound Hall of Fame: Curse of the Werewolf. A History of Horror Hosts (Horror Host High).