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HorrorHound Radio

Oct 18, 2014

Welcome to HorrorHound Records Special October Podcast. On this episode we introduce you to several of the HorrorHound Records recording artists while giving you an opportunity to not only meet the bands, but hear a sample of their music. For The Wolf, The Big Bad, Harley Poe, Madison Apart and The Loveless all reveal their influences and connections to a world where horror movies and music meld. This podcast is simply meant to serves as an introduction to these talented bands and their music. So listen in and we hope you like what you hear. To purchase the bands newest album releases check out the store at and keep up with the bands on their own Facebook pages, as well as on HorrorHound Records Facebook page complete with updates, their latest releases and where you can catch the bands performing live. Support the sounds that escape from deep beneath the ground!