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HorrorHound Radio Movie News and Focus on IFC Films

More movie news! HorrorHound staffers Aaron Crowell, Jason Kretten and Freddy of NOLTP Podcast discuss more film news, rumors and updates. We also cover Dr. AC's Hidden Horror Book release annoucement and horror comics Grindhouse:Doors Open at Midnight & Crossed Badlands. We talk about new horror soundtracks released on vinyl (and some on cassette) from Death WaltzOne Way Static and Waxworks Records. Also Goblin's Tour EP on red vinyl from Death Waltz Recording Company. Our Indie spotlights covers: Infinite Santa 8000Butcher BoysArtsploitation's Horror Stories. We take focus on IFC Films extensive catalog of horror titles, most available on DVD. HorrorHound Weekend guest reveal and films annouced for screenings at the con that include: A North American premiere screening of Troma's Return to Nuke'em High, Fantasm and A Wish For the Dead. All this and more ... so listen in you primitive screwheads!

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