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HorrorHound Radio

Nov 22, 2013

Join us! as HorrorHound Magazine staffers Aaron Crowell (Managing Editor), Nathan Hanneman (Editor-in-Chief), Jason Kretten (Writer/Contributor) and Freddy Morris of Night of the Living Podcast discuss movie news: The Human Centipede 3, The Crow and Hellraiser remakes as well as Trick 'r Treat 2. Our Indie Spotlight segment includes films: Hidden in the Woods, Devil In My Ride, IFC Films Rize and Argento's Dracula. We also cover new horror comics like "The Other Dead" and the proposed AMC cable series Preacher. Our main focus is an article found within the pages of the new issue of HorrorHound Magazine #44 titled The Unlucky 13, which is a list of 130 overlooked films from the past 13 years compiled and voted on by the HorrorHound staff. Listen in as we examine our own personal list of films exclusive to the podcast that did not make the cut and few that did. Updates on both HorrorHound Records and HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati March 22-24 2014, which includes a special guest annoucement! 

*I also wanted to address an error I made on the show, as I confused actor Miles Fisher for Marc Senter. My bad guys, you both rock!

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